How to Install a Radiator-mounted Load Bank


A radiator-mounted load bank can be a very practical solution to meet minimum load requirements on emergency generators. The mechanical installation of these load banks can be accomplished in a number of ways, providing the designer with a simple solution for most applications. This article covers the most common installation methods, and tips on how … Read more

Hurricane Season is Once Again Upon Us

Sandy Floods Lower Manhattan

Last year’s storms are still fresh in memory, with Tropical Storm Sandy getting the most attention for its incredible devastation of large parts of New York and New Jersey. As was the case after hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, a major event like Sandy forces one to recalculate the real impact that these storms can bring. Having learned some lessons from Sandy (and other storms), here are some thoughts on how emergency power systems can be made more reliable.

Key Components of a Mission-Critical Facility – Test Load Banks

Mission-critical facilities are growing steadily as a niche market segment for MEP design firms. No longer limited to financial data processing or telecommunications, these critical facilities are now in high demand for a new breed of “in the cloud” data storage and “big data” applications. Whatever functions they support, one thing remains constant – these facilities have an absolute need for reliable electric power. A recent study found that the average cost for a power outage at a data center exceeds $500,000. So, how can these facilities improve the reliability of their electric power system? Testing is one key, and there is one device in particular that makes testing procedures safe and efficient.