Here’s the most likely cause for that leak in your fuel piping system.


When designing a diesel fuel distribution system for installation in tropical climates, you may not need to worry about the fuel reaching its freezing point. However, you should take into account the effects of large temperature swings, as they may lead to leaks in your fuel-oil piping system. Here’s why thermal expansion can be a real threat, and how you can deal with it.

When Is A Fuel Day Tank Needed?

Should you include a day tank in your emergency generator fuel supply system? The answer to this question requires an understanding of the applicable code, some technical information on the proposed engine, and some basic piping calculations. Follow the steps outlined in this article to insure a reliable fuel supply system for your emergency generator.

Avoid Problems with Facility Fuel Systems

You mean well, of course you do! You dedicate your education and experience to create practical and reliable designs for your clients. But, when it comes to specialty areas such as fuel system design, researching new codes and technologies can be a big challenge, especially while trying to meet fast-approaching project deadlines. So, is it inevitable that some design flaws will find their way to the final construction documents? Well, don’t give up just yet!

Diesel Fuel Quality – Don’t Overlook This Crucial Design Element

On-site power systems driven by diesel engines are commonplace as the “last resource” backup power source for mission-critical facilities. Hospitals, public safety operations, municipal utilities, and all sorts of private businesses incorporate diesel-powered generators to help avoid loss of life, lost production time and/or lost profits. It is not uncommon to find several million dollars … Read more