Design Advisory Services – Basic Design Development


A simple project with simple requirements? This package provides product selection (up to two standard-manufacture  products), complete with pictorial drawings and guidelines specifications.


Guiding your design of prime and standby power systems!

The Basic Design Development support package is suitable for less complex, single generator projects. This package is intended to offer support in the selection of up to two standard products related to emergency generators. Examples of these products are battery chargers, exhaust silencers, fuel day tanks, remote fuel fill stations, etc.

One-on-one support includes:
  • An Initial Call to define the general scope of work, performance requirements, and any pre-established budgets for the desired equipment. During this call, we will request copies, if available, of any existing progress plans and/or specifications to assist in understanding your planned emergency generator system.
  • A Conference Call with your electrical and/or mechanical design team members to present the selected product(s) and performance specifications. This call will seek to answer any questions related to the proposed product’s sequence of operations, optional features and capabilities.
Deliverables include:
  • Sample pictorial drawing(s) (.pdf format) for the selected product(s). The drawings will be standard dimensional drawings, and will not reflect custom-design requirements.
  • Guideline specifications (Word document) for your use in formal bid documents. These specifications will include performance and material requirements, a basis of design, as well as electrical characteristics for the selected product (if applicable).
  • Budget estimate (for equipment only) for the selected product(s).
What you can expect after you place your order:
  • An Initial Call is initiated within 48 hours of receipt of your order.
  • The Conference Call is conducted typically no more than 96 hours after the Initial Call, and after receipt of any client documents (such as progress plans and/or specifications) that are pertinent to our work.
  • Deliverables are transmitted electronically prior to the Conference Call.
  • Courtesy follow-up communication to confirm receipt of Deliverables and to answer any final questions.

Terms of Sale: By ordering this service, the client understands and agrees that all fees are non- refundable and due upon placing of an order. It is understood that On-Site Power Advisor/ is acting solely as a design advisor to the engineer of record, and is not to be held responsible for the project’s design. Any fees for work beyond the scope outlined above will be quoted prior to performance.


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