Design Advisory Services – Advanced Design Development


The Advanced Design Development package provides support with concept and design development, product selection, sample drawings and guideline specifications for comprehensive and coordinated system(s) for mission-critical installations with multiple emergency generators.


Guiding your design of prime and standby power systems!

The Advanced Design Development support package is suitable for the most complex projects. This package is intended to offer support in the design and selection of multiple products to provide a comprehensive and coordinated system, or systems, for an installation with multiple emergency generators in a mission-critical installation.

A typical example for this support package includes the design of a fuel delivery system consisting of multiple bulk fuel storage tanks and redundant fuel transfer pumps, plus the selection of a generator test load bank system, and an engine exhaust silencer system for an installation requiring several large emergency generators. Such a comprehensive system may include equipment such as a bulk fuel storage tanks, remote radiators, test load banks, high-flow fuel oil transfer systems, engine exhaust silencers, automatic transfer switches and other electrical and mechanical systems.

One-on-one support includes:
  • An Initial Call to define general scope of work, performance requirements, project design timeline, and any pre-established budgets for the necessary equipment.
  • Assist in review of any applicable codes or regulations impacting the system design.
  • Source and present a preliminary equipment schedule with manufacturer’s cut sheets and/or drawings when available.
  • Assist in preparation of a preliminary equipment cost estimate.
  • Review architect and/or owner comments to adjust equipment selection and/or performance requirements.
  • Interact with other discipline engineers and potential vendors to facilitate a coordinated system across the facility.
  • Assist in preparation of equipment book specifications, with unlimited reviews of client-furnished draft copies.
  • Assist in development of plans (mechanical/electrical/I&C), with unlimited reviews of client-furnished progress sets.
  • Assist in design adjustments due to minor scope changes, or value engineering requests.
  • Assist the design team with responses required for RFIs received during the procurement/bid process.
  • Assist with review of contractor-furnished shop drawings post-bid.
Deliverables include:
  • Sample equipment drawing(s), in PDF format and/or CAD format when available. These drawings may not reflect all job-specific (custom designed) requirements.
  • Edited copy of customer-furnished technical specifications (Word document) for the client’s use in bid documents. These specifications may include mechanical, electrical and instrumentation sections, and will be reviewed for performance and material requirements, as well as electrical characteristics for the selected product(s), when applicable.
  • Budget estimate (equipment only) for the selected product(s).
What you can expect after you place your order:
  • An Initial Call is conducted within 48 hours of receipt of your order.
  • Following the Initial Call, a preliminary schedule will be set to establish deadlines for the design development process, and to confirm any job-specific data necessary to begin the product selection process.
  • Typical data required from the client may consist of engine/generator output ratings, required runtime on emergency power, site plans and/or building room plans, etc.
  • Unlimited conference calls are conducted with the design team members. These calls will serve to resolve technical questions, move the design forward, and to address any owner-directed minor modifications to the design.
  • All deliverables are transmitted electronically.
  • Courtesy follow-up communication to confirm receipt of Deliverables and to answer any final questions.

Terms of Sale: By ordering this service, the client understands and agrees that all fees are non- refundable and due upon placing of an order. It is understood that On-Site Power Advisor/ is acting solely as a design advisor to the engineer of record, and is not to be held responsible for the project’s design. Any fees for work beyond the scope outlined above will be quoted prior to performance.


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