Florida Nursing Homes and Extended Fuel Supply for Generators

300 Gallon Day Tank with Fuel Transfer Pump

A debate is growing over how to implement the new rules affecting nursing homes in Florida. In a nutshell, enforcement of rules may force many nursing homes to install emergency generators, which must be designed to provide air-conditioned space for occupants during a 96-hour period after a power outage. Nursing homes that already had emergency generators may be required to increase the size of the generator (if the existing equipment did not carry HVAC loads), or may be required to increase the amount of fuel stored on-site (to account for the 96-hour period and higher load levels).

Increasing the amount of stored fuel is the least complicated issue, but it still requires careful coordination to ensure a safe and reliable design. If you are a consultant, tasked with designing a “supplemental” fuel supply system for an existing generator, I encourage you to read the article shown below. It touches on the main points to consider when adding a secondary fuel storage tank to an emergency generator equipped with a sub-base fuel tank.

If you have a current project related to this subject, please call my office for assistance. I will get you on a path to a code-compliant, reliable design, in no time at all!

Take this Easy Approach to Specifying Sub-Base Day Tanks

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