EGSA Publishes Rating Guide for Exhaust Silencers

EGSA logoThe requirement for low exhaust noise in emergency power systems continues to be a hot topic for facility managers (and code enforcement officials!). In light of this demand, exhaust silencer manufacturers have designed ever-quieter solutions to abate noise, but a lack of consistency has remained in how silencers are rated for sound attenuation performance (see related article here) . The Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA), through a newly-published Standard, has now provided guidelines to address this issue.

As stated by EGSA, the purpose of their new Guide for Rating Generator Exhaust Silencers is “to provide a uniform noise reduction rating system for exhaust silencers used on reciprocating internal combustion engines that are utilized for the purpose of generating electrical power”.  Kudos to EGSA’s Codes & Standards Committee, for having taken steps to create this standard.  If your firm is involved in specifying diesel-engine generators, I strongly encourage you to update your master specifications to follow this new EGSA standard.

The Standard is available for download at no cost – Download now.

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