Generator Specifications and Data Sheets – Quick Links

Looking for product data sheets and specifications for industrial emergency generators?  Here are some quick links to get you started with the information that you need.  These links are manufacturer-direct and should present the latest data available.  When in doubt, call your local sales rep to confirm that you are in fact using the latest data applicable to your project.

Cummins Power Generation: select your region and search under the “Advanced Genset Sort” by kW rating and fuel type.  The results will provide a general “Spec Sheet” with ratings data.  The more useful “Genset Data” and “Sound Data” sheets are also provided.  These include the key data affecting fuel, exhaust and cooling systems, as well as airflow requirements.  There is also an “Emissions Data” sheet that will be important in applications requiring compliance to Tier 4 emission requirements.  Missing from this site, but available from your local distributor, are the outline drawings for the various open-type and enclosed-type generator arrangements.  These outline drawings should be requested for your particular project, and will provide details necessary for stub-ups, exhaust arrangement and location of service items (such as filters, battery connections, etc).  To identify which outline drawing is needed, look at the first page, top section, of the “Genset Data” sheet.

Caterpillar: select “Learn More” under the “Diesel” or “Gas” category.  On the following page, locate the appropriate rating for your application (example: “Diesel : 60HZ : North America : Standby”).  The next page will provide a full listing of available arrangements based on rating, voltage and emission strategy.  Make your choice to obtain the applicable data sheets.  For any given model, Caterpillar provides one document containing overall dimensional data, weight data, fuel consumption, basic exhaust data, emissions, and other data.  For specific outline drawings, or details pertaning to, for example, the cooling system’s jacket water pump performance, you will need to contact your local Caterpillar distributor.

MTU/Detroit Diesel: locate the appropriate fuel type and duty rating, and then select the required rating.  You will then see a single publication providing most details needed for ventilation, fuel system or exhaust system calculations.  If you have a remote-cooled application, you will need engine performance data sheets.  These are available through the MTU/DD distributor network, and will include additional specifications required for the selection of a remote radiator or charge-air cooler.  As with most other manufacturers, physical drawings are available upon request.

Kohler: here you can locate generator data sheets as well as outline drawings and specifications for their enclosure designs (complete with sub-base fuel tank data).  As stated before, whenever possible, consult your local distributor and ask for job specific drawings and performance data.

Other manufacturers that you may also seek are Generac and Baldor.  Each of these also provide additional details through their distributor network.

Now that you have a single listing for the major generator manufacturers, bookmark this page and keep it handy.  If you do design work for projects requiring on-site power systems, this page may become one of your most visited in no time at all!

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