Step-by-Step Instructions – Simplex SmartPump

Automatic fuel fill stations provide an easy and convenient connection point for offloading fuel from tank cars to above-ground fuel tanks.  Here are the operating steps for a Simplex SmartPump, model SP-x (the x denotes the size of the fuel hose coupling, i.e.: 2″, 3″, etc):

Simplex SmartPump
  1. Delivery truck arrives and driver proceeds to SmartPump to make fuel delivery.
  2. Connect ground cable.
  3. Unlock fill box and control box.
  4. Turn on controller.
  5. Connect delivery hose to hose coupling.
  6. Open valve on truck.
  7. Open SmartPump inlet valve.
  8. Open SmartPump outlet valve.
  9. Start SmartPump (see note below).
  10. Fuel is delivered to tank.
  11. At Tank Full (90%), audible and visual alarm activates and alerts driver, SmartPump stops.
  12. Driver may stop delivery at this point.
  13. Driver can restart SmartPump by pressing “override” pushbutton and pressing “Pump Start” pushbutton. Pump will run for 30 second intervals.
  14. Driver can continue filling or drain delivery hose at this time.
  15. To drain hose, driver closes truck valve and breaks hose connection at tank and allows SmartPump to empty hose.
  16. Driver may restart SmartPump in 30 second intervals, but all filling and hose draining operations must be ended and truck valve closed prior to reaching High Level (95%).
  17. At High Level, audible and visual alarm activates and SmartPump stops. SmartPump can not be restarted.
  18. Close SmartPump outlet valve.
  19. Close SmartPump inlet valve.
  20. Disconnect delivery hose and ground cable.
  21. Turn controller off.
  22. Close and lock SmartPump doors.

Note: For installations using a multi-tank SmartPump, the operator is asked to select which tank is going to be filled. This selection causes an electrically-operated valve to open only on the fill line to the selected tank. Once a tank is filled, an alternate tank may be selected to continue filling operations through the same SmartPump connection.Fuel Fill Station Piping

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  1. Could you please recommend a remote fill station for a 300Gallon above ground diesel fuel Tank.
    I need to provide this on the tank. The project is in Trenton, NJ.Will your system have a pump motor and overspill containment and alarm system? Will you system require power for operation?


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