Step-By-Step Instructions – Simplex Automatic FuelPort

Automatic fuel fill stations provide an easy and convenient connection point for offloading fuel from tank cars to above-ground fuel tanks.  Here are the operating steps for a Simplex Automatic FuelPort, model AFP-x (the x denotes the size of the fuel hose coupling, i.e.: 2″, 3″, etc.):

Automatic FuelPort
Automatic FuelPort


  1. Delivery truck arrives and driver proceeds to Automatic FuelPort to make fuel delivery.
  2. Connect ground cable.
  3. Unlock fill box and control box.
  4. Turn on controller.
    1. For single tank applications, read the tank’s fuel level as shown on the Automatic FuelPort level indicator gauge.
    2. For multi-tank applications, use selector switch to select the desired tank, and then read the tank’s fuel level.
  5. Connect delivery hose to hose coupling.
  6. Open valve on truck.
  7. Start delivery pump on truck.
  8. Press “valve open” pushbutton on controller.
  9. Automatic FuelPort valve opens (on multi-tank applications, this valve is located on the inlet to each tank).
  10. Fuel is delivered to tank.
  11. At Tank Full level (90%), audible and visual alarm activates and alerts driver.
  12. Driver may stop delivery by depressing “valve close” pushbutton and proceed to step #16 (or step 4.2 in multi-tank applications).
  13. Driver tops off to High Fuel level (95%).
  14. At High Fuel level, audible and visual alarm activates and Automatic FuelPort valve closes (valve may not be reopened).
  15. Stop fill pump (or return to step #4.2 to select a different tank in multi-tank applications).
  16. Drain delivery hose.
  17. Close truck valve.
  18. Disconnect delivery hose from Automatic FuelPort.
  19. Turn controller off.
  20. Close and lock Automatic FuelPort doors.

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