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    Code Alert: NFPA-20 Fuel Maintenance Requirements for Fire Pumps

    by  • October 15, 2015 • Code Compliance, General • 0 Comments

    Fire Pump Installation

    The 2016 Edition of NFPA-20, the Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection adds new requirements to ensure that good quality fuel is available to diesel engine-driven fire pumps. It may be a while before your State adopts the latest Edition of the Standard, but if you design or specify diesel engine-driven fire pump systems, it may be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with these updates.

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    Announcing: Emergency Power Symposium Aug. 20-21, 2015

    by  • July 21, 2015 • General • 0 Comments

    Fuel Technologies International‘s¬†Emergency Power Design Reliability Symposium will be held August 20-21, 2015 in Palm Springs, CA. This symposium is directed to engineers and facility managers concerned with the operation of emergency/backup power systems and fire pumps. Registration is limited to 30 attendees. Information on schedule and CEU credits can be found¬†here.

    A Quick Word on Biodiesel…

    by  • February 20, 2015 • FAQ's, General • 0 Comments


    While B5 to B20 biodiesel blends have little or no compatibility issues with industrial diesel engines, biodiesel can have real negative effects on your fuel storage system. With a higher absorption rate for water, biodiesel content can lead to a higher incidence of bacterial growth inside the tank. Learn more about biodiesel, and ways to avoid costly downtime and damage to your on-site power system.

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    Diesel Fuel Quality – Don’t Overlook This Crucial Design Element

    by  • December 28, 2011 • General • 0 Comments

    On-site power systems driven by diesel engines are commonplace as the “last resource” backup power source for mission-critical facilities. Hospitals, public safety operations, municipal utilities, and all sorts of private businesses incorporate diesel-powered generators to help avoid loss of life, lost production time and/or lost profits. It is not uncommon to find several million dollars […]

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