• A Quick Word on Biodiesel…

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    While B5 to B20 biodiesel blends have little or no compatibility issues with industrial diesel engines, biodiesel can have real negative effects on your fuel storage system. With a higher absorption rate for water, biodiesel content can lead to a higher incidence of bacterial growth inside the tank. Learn more about biodiesel, and ways to avoid costly downtime and damage to your on-site power system.

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    Secondary Containment Steel Piping for Fuel-Oil Applications

    by  • July 16, 2014 • 2 Comments


    Specifying fuel-oil piping for below-ground installations is a sensitive area of design, due to the potential for leaks and the subsequent contamination of ground water. In most jurisdictions, regulatory agencies will require secondary containment and interstitial space monitoring for any fuel oil piping that is in contact with the soil. This article describes a popular example of a secondary containment steel piping system, and two related devices designed for automatic leak monitoring.

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    Specifying Fuel Storage Tanks For Emergency Generators

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    Bulk Fuel Storage Farm

    There are many decisions in the process of designing a large fuel storage system for emergency generators. A bulk fuel storage system often means storing tens of thousands of gallons of diesel fuel, and with that much fuel on site, it is normal to have concerns for safety, code compliance and reliability. Here are some basic steps to help you complete a fuel system design.

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